Heart Failings

too young3Two days ago I was troubled. It was so heavy on my spirit that so many Black men were dying young from heart complications. I felt a little strange posting about this so randomly, and without knowing the specific details of the many deaths I’ve witnessed recently. By discernment I knew that most of these deaths were heart related. That thing that ticks that makes us live is now under emotional attack as we loose another to its failings. Craig Mack succumbed to Congestive Heart Failure yesterday. You would have to be of a certain age and space to know who we lost, and how young we lost him. Praying for his family, praying that we take steps to healthy living in an effort to save our own lives. #RIP #RIPCraigMack #HealthFirst #MyPeopleParishForALackOfKnowledge


Lose Some Wait

loose some wait finalBIGMy granddaddy was a very wise man. He told me once, “If God grants you life, time will come to pass, so use it so you have something to show for it.” In a struggle it is hard to see anything but that struggle, but time passes and so do struggles. In the midst of struggle one of the greatest hindrances is getting off track with what is most important because you’re too busy struggling. But I’ve come to the realization that you will always be in a struggle. Some type of struggle, something that is hindering your going forward, something that is creating weights on your journey. And those weights can create waits, soon you’ve been waiting on the right time, the right moment, the right season to come all the way up out of your struggle before you do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. But there will never be a perfect time to do it. Let that sink in, never. A plan, and a strategy, and good timing are important, but if you’re waiting for the struggle to end, your grave will come first.

Don’t let the reality that you are struggling get you off track or make you stagnant towards your goal. Today take the steps to continue on your journey, towards your goal, through struggle and all. Time will pass, just keep moving. In the end you will be sitting in your accomplishment, PLUS you will own new strength and vision. The caterpillar learns to fly through the struggle of breaking through the cocoon.   #Wisdom #Focus #StayFocused #EncourageThyself #NoteToSelf #YesYouCan #TheDevilIsALie #LooseSomeWait #OnlyPostiveVibes #BrightFuturesAhead #WordsOfMyGrandaddyWeltonShearron

The Rose


Caleb was out enjoying a warm winter day, running and skipping and such, when he suddenly fell into a rose bush. He yelled out to me in an octave only a mothers could understand. That one that screams out pain. As I quickly picked him up and began to pick the thorns out of his hands and arms, he looked at me in agony as if to say, “what are those?!” My non-verbal little boy communicates so well with his eyes. I told him they were thorns, just as I reached over and picked a wilted rose bud and handed it to him. The Rose had been beaten down by the winter’s cold, yet seemed to still be holding on to its anchor in the branch. It was then that I realized that it didn’t matter that winter had come, it didn’t matter that the storms blew. It only mattered that it held on to the branch. And we’ll, those thorns that we think are nuisances are really a protective armor, they keep us from being plucked out before our bloom.

#HoldOn #Boom #ARoseIsStillARose #InDueSeason #AutismAwareness #Grateful #Perspective

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