Not So Quick!! This Has Nothing To Do With Race!


UPDATE SYNOPSIS: Recently an episode of Shark Tank has took social media by storm. A couple of up and coming entrepreneurs were featured requesting an investment from the Sharks for their company Lip Bar. This idea of a mobile lip stick van was quickly shot down and reduced to dust by the well known Shark Kevin O’Leary.  Black Twitter clapped back against Kevin’s calling these lovely ladies Colorful Cockroaches. As I gasped at his remarks I  knew immediately that he would get backlash for that comment because these ladies are African American, however, I don’t believe his comments were racially motivated. Here’s why…


About a million people are commenting in uproar and astonishment on how a white man could get away with calling two black women colorful cockroaches. Well….

Let’s look at this a little more closely shall we? I’m very vocal on issues of race so I wanted to be vocal on this as I don’t believe this has a bit to do with race. When there are issues that are rooted in racism, (which is often), there are the powers that be that try to minimize their legitimacy. So because of this I think it’s irresponsible to guise issues as racist when they are in fact not racist at all. Kinda like crying wolf.

I watch Shark Tank​ religiously. Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr Wonderful) has sarcastically been given that name because of his unwonderfulness. He is condescending, rude and belittling to almost everyone petitioning the sharks for an investment. Right before crushing countless entrepreneurial dreams he has called business owners many names just prior to kicking them out of the tank with his famous “you’re dead to me” punchline. Maggots, dust mites, and cockroaches are the titles he’s given to many. But cockroach seems to be a favorite of his.

In this case these women were not the first to be called cock roaches. That term is what he uses to make people feel small, however out of line he is for using it, and he is extremely so, he uses it on a plethora of people, most of which have similar complexion to him. The “colorful” in his colorful cockroach non-sentiment had to do with the colorful lipstick these pretty girls were wearing, and that only.

So before we jump on the “he owes the black community an apology” and the “I’m not watching Shark Tank anymore” bandwagon, let’s look at these facts please. Sorry but this is not an issue of racism, it’s an issue of egotism and narcissism, but these antics are one’s he offers to everyone equally. Let’s leave our battles against racism where they are really needed, where racism actually exists.

With that being said, support these ladies because I think they have a really cute business idea. They didn’t deserve to be called any colorful name, but we can colorfully adorn ourselves with their beautiful products.

UPDATE: The YouTube video on the mentioned Shark Tank episode is no longer available and has been removed from this post. It’s been replaced with a great promo clip for the Lip Bar. Check it out.


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