One Day In Denver

One Day in Denver 1000

Dear Denver Weather,

It seems I always have to have this conversation with you. Aren’t you tired of it? I know I am. You and your bi-polarisms are fine as long as we’re talking about your 70 degree days in November, I greatly appreciate those. But this cloudy, rainy 50 degree weather where the wind chill drops it to somewhere around 40 is really not appropriate for early May. And I know in my heart that you are not trying to play around and bring in snow over the weekend. I would hope that you have not lost all parts of your mind. Yet I find that I am loosing mine as I interchange my flip flops and my snow boots. I dont know whether to buy lawn furniture or shovels. So I beseech you today, pick a season, keep a season. Please take my weariness into special consideration. I am in the best of hopes that we will not want to have this conversation again.

Signed, Disgruntled and Frosted


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