Dedicated to Mothers – Mother is a Verb

My luv bug and me. Taking these lemons and making lemon spritzer.

Today is the day we stop and honor mothers. When I put this video together I didnt realize initially how sacred it would be. In one of the final edits this morning at 1 am, while trying to clear nasal passages from the cold my baby boy passed on to me, I was in full swing of the ugly, cant breath through either nostril, heart arrested, full blown cry. Then I cried some more, then couldn’t stop crying. It’s amazing how the giver receives gifts.

In seeing these babies, toddlers, kids and teens dance across the screen over musical poetry it appears that some depths were reached. I didn’t expect that. I expected a pretty video and for some friends to be pleased with seeing their joy bundles on screen. While the video is pretty and do hope these moms really enjoy it as much as I did, this goes much deeper.

This video speaks to the heart of what we want for children. It speaks to the pure spirit each child is born with and the sacred task we as mothers have to nurture them to the fullest and grandest arrival of themselves. Prancing around in pink tutus, and swinging plastic swords are these little special deposits of God’s image here in live flesh. #Whoa. This is a snapshot of the very things that we want for our children. For them to have joy, to accomplish their heart’s desires, to be secure, fulfilled, loved. We want them to do better than we did. We want them to live abundantly, and more abundantly.

So I have some unexpected feelings going on. Along with a whole nutha level respect for video editors and the hours they put in, lol, I am also feeling quite differently about Mother’s Day altogether. Of course on this day it is customary to be honored as mothers, and we should be. But in this moment I am feeling the reverence of the title of Mother. The sovereignty in it. The roll that we play to a little person’s budding spirit, and to that I feel less like receiving honor, and more like feeling honored to have the title itself. #InAwe.

To all you mom’s, you single moms, you mom’s to multiples, you grandmoms who are moms, you sisters who are moms, you mother-playing moms, from godmothers, to caretakers to mentors, I salute you. You deserve more than your flowers while you yet live, you deserve a harvest of bouquets. We salute the women who have mothered us.  And for those without mothers either from death or abandonment, I salute you.  You deserve your own two day holiday.

~Miracles and Blessings Ladies, Miracles and Blessings!


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