Denver Weather is that Dude that Plays with Your Emotions


I wrote a letter earlier this week to Denver weather. I spoke in detail about how I really needed her to get itself together. Well, she didn’t listen. Being in Denver weather is like being in an abusive relationship. It swings and plays on emotions. One day it’s cold and harsh, it smacks you in the face and scurries away in a wind gust.  The next day it shows up with sunny smiles bringing you spring roses. And you like a dummy accept it back because, well the good days are good. ((Holding heart)) I think I need some counseling. LOL.

Thanks to my friend Tim McCullough for sharing these pictures. This is an actual 24 hour lapse of his backyard. Yesterday at 34 degrees we were covered in thick snow that left fully budded tree limbs broken and covering the ground. Today there are no remnants of snow, just pools of water where snow once was with 57 degrees floating in the air. We’ll be in the 70’s through the rest of the week. #Craziness. I’ll take you back Denver Weather, but let’s get our relationship a little more consistent shall we? #BipolarWeather


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