Take a Walk in My Sticky, Worn, and Soggy Shoes

GettingDressed100I have been a mother only for the last 4 years. I lived a long time before becoming one. I had no idea the freedoms I took for granted that I once enjoyed. The idea of putting on my make up while not also pouring orange juice and wiping a runny nose…. wow. Or the luxury of putting on make up at all… whoa. My favorite memory are those times far and removed when I could go to the bathroom without an audience… oh those were the days.

Today my life is filled with packing backpacks, filling sippy cups and kissing boo boos. I cant say I really enjoy that 3rd of the day changing clothes session that takes place regularly, as it has been scientifically proven that all dirt and bacteria gravitate and cling to little boy garments. Now with these regular annoyances that I have come at least in part accustomed to, I do not need any additional, avoidable grievances. If you really want to get under my skin, (the skin that was really a great accomplishment just to shower today by the way), than please do compare your obligations to mine.

There is nothing worse than someone who only had to feed, clothe and bathe themselves to ask me why it took so long for me to do the same. So if you happen to come across a single mom who walks into work already disshoveled, as she attempts to remove a lolly-pop off the back of her skirt, give her some slack. Or you run into the mother of twins in the grocery store and you cannot for the life of you understand why she cant keep them both from opening every bag of Cheerios and graciously bursting them up and down the cereal aisle, reconsider your judgement.

If you are not in her shoes you do not understand what she’s dealing with, but you should assume that it is a lot more than you are. Attempt to be kind. Even if you dont know the struggle you have to know that it’s real, right? A smile will do just fine. In the meantime we mothers will attempt to keep smiling too.


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