No More Biggie Smalls

Weight. It’s a problem. Most people know this struggle. The up and down of the scale. My struggle with weight has been one of extremes. At my heaviest I topped the scale at 200 pounds filling out a size 16 on my 5 foot 4 inch frame. Everything ached all the time. I had extreme joint pain, I had multiple feminine problems, extensive digestive issues, circulation problems, chronic headaches, and extreme fatigue.

biggiesmalls100So getting down to the nitty gritty of this post.  I’m really uncomfortable sharing this which is precisely why I’m doing so. My size 16 shrunk to a size 10 back in 2012 after a good run with juicing. Since then I’ve leveled out right around size 12/13, which is my current size. Because I’m no longer a size 16 I’ve accepted my current size although it is not my ideal weight and with it has returned many of the health issues from my size 16 days. However these issues returned with a vengeance. The joint, feminine, digestive, circulation problems, and chronic headaches and fatigue that I once had must have told all of their friends to come and camp out in my cells, because I’m experiencing a different level of health issues. Take a few years of more trauma than I can articulate, add in having a baby later in life, along with just simply getting older in general, and there you have a cocktail for some health serious problems. However, the way my single mom status is set up, (did you catch Kevin Hart up in there), I do not have the luxury of not changing my health. I can’t risk there being some chronic issue 5 years from now that I could have done something about today. At the level that my health seems to be deteriorating I have to with equal vigor launch an attack against illness, pain, fatigue and weight. And I must do so now.

So I’m starting, and I will chronicle my journey. #NoMoreCrumbs. I’m not settling for this pain, I’m not settling for illness, I’m not settling for extra weight. I’m not settling for chronic fatigue. And no matter how much it hurts, no matter how tired I may be, I’m going after my best so that my son has his mommie around for a very long time.


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