No More Crumbs

crumbsIn Eddie Murphy’s stand-up show “Raw” he talked about the enjoyment of crackers. Yes, regular old crackers. He told the story of one starving and being thrown a cracker. In this case one would devour that cracker like it was filet mignon. “That aint no regular cracker, what was that a Ritz!?”  Eddie humorous stated. This is exactly what we do when we’ve gone without something for a while, we make it in our minds more than what it is. Crackers are delicious when you haven’t had a meal in long time.

So imagine a rich chocolaty piece of fudge cake, then alongside it, an empty plate covered in the crumbs where that velvety cake use to be. If these two plates were placed side by side which would you prefer? Well any human being with ½ of their sense would choose the full piece of cake over the crumbs of someone’s leftovers. It’s funny though how often we choose crumbs over bounty in real life.

You know those moments when you have a goal, a desire, a drive within you but settle for much less than your vision. Those times when you had been without a hug for so long that any man with a pulse and a compliment became prince charming, although he didn’t have a clue, or a job. Or that girl you were smitten by because you couldn’t remember the last time you were smitten. All you saw were pearly whites and all other attached assets, and overlooked her wandering eye for other men.  And then there were those mindless, meaningless, futureless jobs that you viewed as the opportunity of a lifetime after standing months in an unemployment line. We’ve all been there in some form or another. And while yes we have to be in the part of our story where reality currently resides, we should never settle for anything beneath our potential and accept it as our defaulted destination. We have to remember in those moments that we have a choice to reach for the leftover crumbs or for the full slice of sweet reward. Both are within our reach and for our choosing.


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