Frustration’s Destination

Frustration Quotes, Wisdom, Deep, Sayings, MotivationalThere’s this thinking among people and especially among those in the church. This misbelief and wrong assumption that “negative” emotion is wrong emotion. To be frustrated, or irritated, or upset is somehow to recess to some lower form of yourself or to be less than Godly. But the reality is that being irritated brings about change, being upset starts revolutions.

When one reaches the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired, that’s when and only then when they change their lives. From bad marriages, to injustices of every kind, movement and change is birthed out of the intolerance for how bad things are.

Now this has nothing to do with the Negative Nannies who complain about everything all the time. We all know the types, those that have something bad to say about sunny days and 5 year old birthday parties. Those types dont qualify for the righteous indignation that I’m talking about. But if you find yourself in a situation that is below your potential and agitates you to no end, that agitation can and should be a sign for the need for change. We’re blessed if we make it to 6 or 7 decades on this planet. Who has time to be miserable? God gave you all emotion to either enjoy wonderful things or to move you to wonderful things.

Speaking of God, I love how He’s not like people. People will encourage you to not feel this way or that way if it’s anything short of rainbows and sunny skies. It’s amazing to me how often after my mother died that I was told to get over it, to not feel the grief. People do that because they dont themselves know what to do with your emotion, but also because they’ve been programmed to not feel their own “negative” emotion. But in reality if you dont feel it you cant heal it, so really how negative can “negative” emotion be? Dont please people, please God.

All through the Bible folks cried out in misery, from Job to David, to Jesus himself, they desired that God to take their present cup from them. So if they are to be our examples for living why not give ourselves the same voice tp cry out when something hurts. The Lord has a funny way of working those cries out for your benefit but in no way condemns us for having the cry to begin with. Grief, let down, disappointments, He’s using all of that as your platform and as a means for His own glory. (Started from the bottom now we’re here plays in my head.)

I’m qualified to say all of this because this revelation was dropped on me in a moment of high frustration. Now for a few years I have run into one obstacle after the next, after the next. Things that once came easy to me have seemed insurmountable. I have experienced betrayal, rejection, and deception to levels that I couldn’t have imagined, and none of which I brought on myself. Needless to say I have reached a point of frustration that I cant express here. But as doors that I had no power to move begin to open, I am being shown more and more that the obstacles before me are only pathways to futures brighter than any present darkness. And have provided just enough agitation to turn my enough is enough into some glorious change, and I will not see such darkness again because I finally got indignant enough to not stay in suffering. In the words of Lena Horne from The Wiz, this is true for you also.


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