Reconstruction of Life and June 9th

lifeSo Facebook has this new “take you back” feature. You can see what you were doing on this day last year, 3 years ago, 5 years ago, however far back you had activity in the history of Facebook. It’s amazing how this chronicles your life if you use it often. Today is June 9th, 2015, and for whatever reason June 9th has been a big deal for a few years.

I started off watching a video that I thought I’d long lost. I had it saved to an old laptop that was stolen from me. Maybe I’ll tell that story later, the one where a wretched woman stole all my stuff and then lied about it to both me and police…. but I digress. This video was taken at the baby shower for the youngest child of Warryn and Erica Campbell, of Mary Mary fame. Originally I posted this video just after it was filmed but received an email from Warryn asking me to take it down because of a copyright infringement with the television network it would air on. (Warryn was my then husband’s first cousin which is what got us to this event.) The network couldn’t allow any images from the shower to be shown publicly until the episode aired. So I of course took it down per his request but reposted to YouTube after the shower aired on tv, that date, June 9, 2012.

So a few things on this baby shower event. I never completely got use to being around or running into celebrities while living in LA but after a while it became more common and I was more comfortable among them. But then J.I.L.L.SCOTTTTTTT walked in, (real Jill Scott fans will get that reference.) Yes, the real Jill Scott. I was completely star struck. I met her directly and told her that I was one of her biggest fans but in an effort of not coming across frozen while staring at her, I walked away without getting a picture with her, to which I regret that decision to this day. BUT I did snap some candid shots of her and the honorary mom-to-be Erica Campbell. You can see them in the video below. Okay so that would have been enough to make my week but then my baby boy Caleb, who was only 9 months at the time, starting walking during this party. Literally started walking, had never done it before that day, in that moment, he started walking. And I caught it on film. Wow. It’s a double wow because as I mentioned I thought that I’d lost this footage. #HeartWarm

So that was all good and then something else sunk in today after watching this. I got really really sad. This was filmed in January of 2012, I separated from my husband in March 2012. Just that quickly my life was drastically different. The life that I’d known up that point was over. In a flash I said goodbye to him by removing him from my home and we have never been together since. I’m still recovering from how quickly that all happened, although I know that I know that the relationship ending was a must, I’m spinning from it’s speed. Usually I post when I have something really profound to say, or when I’ve reached a level of revelation about something. In this moment, I have nothing. Only sadness that my son from weeks after his first steps, lost his two parent home. I’m not sure what to do with that…. but I know I will one day… soon.

Then fast forward one year later, June 9, 2013 I posted a big event again.  Many of you read my story about how my sister lost her mind and attacked me in my grandmother’s kitchen. Click here for that crazy story. Well that happened on June 8, 2013. On June 9th I walked into a store to purchase items for my home. My heart was so heavy from the events of the day prior as the lady standing behind me in line tapped me on the shoulder.  A lovely blond named Jill, she offered to pay for everything in my cart. Just like you are now, I was like what, wow?! Later that day she came by my new apartment with no furniture and brought tons of things for my son and me. I couldn’t even share in full with her at that time what I’d just been through, only that she was a huge blessing and I was forever grateful.

Then yet again, June 9th, last year, 2014, I posted a pic of me and my lil guy. We’d just become homeless in this pic, we may not look like it but we were. I believe this time next year I will not be recognizable to this year. Through all the ups and downs of reminiscing this day I do believe that we’re going to be okay.  I suppose the moral of this story is there are those days, those markers in history that when relived are painful, but there are still grand blessings in them. Reconstruction is necessary when new horizons unseen await.

Posted June 9, 2012- Warryn & Erica Campbell’s Baby Shower, Jill Scott and My Baby Walking.


Posted June 9, 2014- Caleb & Mommie


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