That Was Niiiiiiice!

Juneteenth was nice

I’m so glad I got out of the house and went. I wasn’t feeling up to it, but I’m so glad I joined the festivities. I hadn’t been in more than 10 years as I’d never visited home during the summer while I was away. I’m proud of Denver, we have the largest and longest running Juneteenth Music Festival​ in the nation. I kept passing by people who were locked in embraces, old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. Just days after the Charleston church massacre artists took the stage and celebrated this moment. This moment of oneness, of unity, the this moment that is that of what normal moments in our community look like. There was love in the air. Good smells in the air, fellowship, friendship. It was blazing hot but cool breezes hit pockets bringing the same refreshing of the day’s spirit. Personally I’m a bit amazed at myself,  I use to feel really lonely in crowds, even among people that I knew. But I didn’t feel that today. Feeling settled in who I am. Seems that I’m not the only one who’s grown, because I feel Denver in a new place. Enjoyed good music, good smiles, good times.

These guys was jammin!!!

My very rough cut, camera jumbled recording of really good music. My baby boy Caleb and I in on the action.

Okay so my mind was blown by this dude!! This is DJ Cavem! I have never heard anything like this before. I was laughing at myself as I looked through the crowd knowing I was the only one who brought a salad packed with spinach to Juneteenth, lol. Then I hear this dude over the speakers, “We die more from drive-throughs than by drive-bys.” I love him! Check this, he’s doooope!! Officially a fan! #GreenTheBlock

Juneteenth 2015 Denver- Eco-Hip Hop- DJ Cavem

#Denver #Juneteenth #ThatWasNice #Growth


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