Michael, a Reflection of Ourselves

Today marks the 6th anniversary to the memorial services for Michael Jackson. Yes, it’s been 6 years. I stumbled across a writing I posted on that day back in 2009 as a reflection and warning of “believing our own press.” As Leonardo Dicarprio put it, never base your self views on how others see you, whether those views are good or bad, they can change.. and easily. Michael in his pain, in his lost childhood, in his public persona conflicting with his personal struggles, is the perfect reflection of our own need to bmichael1000e validated by others, and the dangers that lie within that need.  

I just had a revelation. In the wake of our beloved Michael Jackson’s memorial services, I just came to something very profound. I don’t have to go into the shock, and the sadness, and all the range of emotion that his true fans felt. As for me I think I am finally accepting the fact that he is no longer with us. But I stand amazed at the transition of public thinking when it comes to the King of Pop.

Michael’s untimely death sent shock waves throughout the world. And to think that a few short days ago the news reports and gossip about Michael surrounded his appearances, whether they were court or facial. Since around 2001 there has been nothing but a slew of negative things said about him one after the other. Debates ensued nationwide. The lines drawn are equal only to that of the parties behind Obama and McCain. Michael became so reviled by so many that on the day of his death reporters were shocked at the high numbers of those who had taken to the streets of Los Angeles in his support. He was rejected by many, accused of heinous things, and was the blunt of many jokes. And then he passed away.

Suddenly the media has inundated us with his musical sales, his charity, his single-handedly forever changing popular music and dance. We have been caught in a monsoon full of leaping waves. Once crashing us against shores of speculation, gossip and lies, now carrying us into a Neverland of “I’ve always loved Michel Dom”. And I sit amazed. I wonder if a man could be so loved, and then so hated, and then so loved again, what this says for you and me?


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