The Hamster Wheel of Busy with No Chicken… A Call to All Writers and Creatives

There are those things that we say are important to us, then there are the things that we actually do with our time. All of us are guilty, no one is exempt. More often than not our actions point us in the opposite direction of our heart’s desire.


I recently claimed that writing was pretty important to me. I sought out ways, formulas and strategies to incorporate more writing into my life. About 3 weeks ago I came across several Toni Morrison quotes that really inspired me to keep writing.  So I sat down and created a graphic, a montage of sorts of Ms. Morrison’s words on the importance of writers doing their work, (see below).  She being the sage that she is told us that the writer’s words are necessary. Without writers, authors, bloggers, or journalists putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, daily bread goes unspoken. Without our words human experience would come to a halt. Okay so maybe that is taking it a little far, but it is indeed fact that the world would be a very empty place without us. We’re needed to add form and life to experiences. To give perspective, validation, humor and insight to human walk and emotion.

So I was encouraged to continue to write by her words, but then something happened, it’s called life. I got busy, stressed, tired, burdened, discouraged, and I did what many writers do, I stopped writing. Now with my last blog post beginning to collect dust, I thought I’d sit down and receive the instruction that I was attempting to pass on from Beloved Morrison, that I myself became too busy to follow.

This is a reminder to all writers and all creatives to not allow ourselves to be so inundated with “busy” that we neglect the most important things. Those things that are most mandatory don’t present themselves as such. They usually are not the things screaming for our attention, but yet they are the ones most important for living. It’s that moment when you go to the grocery store for chicken, spend 45 minutes in that joint, come out with 45 items, but no chicken. We have to feed our souls. Otherwise we remain on a hamster wheel of movement with no chicken. So here’s my 3am soul feeding session where I’m encouraging you to do the same. Your words are needed, your art is needed. Make the time for what feeds your soul. If writing feeds you, you have to eat. If dancing feeds you, you have to eat. If painting, drawing, building, teaching feeds you, you have to eat.  By feeding yourself with the thing that feeds you, you are very much feeding others. And if you choose, you can even serve up your creative with a side of tasty chicken.toni6000


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