Word Sprouts

words200Several years ago I listened to a tape series that changed me forever. Let me further clarify how long ago this was, I owned a series on cassette tape title Prosperity Consciousness, yes cassette tape. So you could say that this was many moons ago. It was by this guy named Fredric Lehrman who taught on how our views on money draw us closer to wealth or remove us further from it.  This was the overall premise of the series, but one thing that he taught has stuck with me through every season of plenty and lack, and is the purpose of this posting today. Recently I started a 30 day challenge for myself and several Facebook friends. It was a declaration of sorts, one that declared the end of struggle. The challenge was to quote a few lines of encouraging words to myself each day for a full month.  As I’ve recited these words for the last week, I have found myself doubting that doing this would make a bit of difference in my life. Then as so many times before I heard Lehrman’s words pop into my head from those cassette tapes from so many years ago. He gave instruction on an exercise that I’d ask that you do now.

Close your eyes and say these words to yourself, “I have cancer.” Repeat that 10 times. What is your response to this request? What was your immediate reaction to it? Did you have any pause to this exercise? How did this request make you feel? Well, here’s my second request. Do not do what I just asked you to do. There’s a good chance you didn’t do it anyway. But why is that exactly? Why are you uncomfortable with stating that you have a life threatening disease? Is it possible that somewhere below the surface of yourself you believe that if you said those words enough that you could potentially speak that cancer into your life? Think about that for a moment. That’s what Fredrich Lerhman asked of me on those cassette tapes. The only answer I could arrive to was, yes it’s possible that I could speak something that I did not want into my life. So why is it that we believe that we could potentially speak something horrible into existence, but we struggle with the belief that we can speak something wonderful into being?

My 30 Day Declaration Challenge
My 30 Day Declaration Challenge

Our words have power, they have the ability to build up or to tear down. We all can recall a time when a loved one or a person in authority over us said something that hurt us to our core. Maybe they told you that you are not good enough, those words held power over us because we believe what is spoken until we know to believe otherwise. So now that we’re paying taxes, and putting gas in our own tanks we can believe new things, but not without them being spoken. So today I challenge you to 30 days of speaking good. You can determine whatever that is, but say it to yourself everyday for 30 days. 30 days is just a realistic marker and just about the time when we’ve usually given up on something that we claim we want for ourselves. But we have the power to speak existence that we want present in our lives. Words are like seeds, they appear to be invisible and then one day sprout up at out no where. Make sure what you speak is only that of which you want to have show up and sprout.  Amazing that reality is just words away.

Fredric Lerhman’s Prosperity Consciousness


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