Signs in the Road

I wrote this 5 years ago today. I love this feature on Facebook that chronicles our lives. I’m grateful for it as I’ve never been a journaler or have kept a diary, and I thought I’d lost this story as I could not find it anywhere after all these years. It’s amazing to look back and see how far you’ve come. When it feels like your struggle is never ending, in reality your journey was mapped, formed and protected. This story speaks to just that.


In one more second I would have been hit, driver’s side, full speed!

August 9, 2010
Today around noon I was driving along the road minding my own business. The lady behind me was tailgating so I kept my eye on her through the rear view mirror. As I sat at the red light the tailgating lady called herself attempting to fit her car in between mine and the curb. There was no room for her car as this was a one car lane. The light turned green and I preceded to drive forward but cautiously and slowly as I kept one eye on the woman with no driving skills to my right. Suddenly I heard a loud hooooooooooooooonk.

This alarmed me and drew my attention to my left where a woman was running the red light, she flew right in front of me barely missing my car. Watching the woman on my right created my initial hesitation to proceed forward, the loud honk allowed me to slam on my breaks. Another second earlier I would have been in the intersection and would have been hit directly by this car going at least 40 miles an hour. Processing what happened I stopped across the intersection and sat in shock. I realized then that the loud honk that alerted me came from a car who was rightly waiting at the red light. She must have seen that there was a collision about to happened, she was attempting to alert the woman who was running the light. I’m very clear that this wasn’t coincidence, all those little details happened exactly as they needed to so that I am not now laying in a hospital bed. Not only could I have been hurt, but the baby that I’m carrying could have been harmed also.

As I gathered myself I immediately took notice of an experience the day before. I’d asked God to send me confirmation that my baby would be okay, that he would be safe through the 1st trimester that I’m constantly being told is so dangerous. That he would be kept although this is my first pregnancy and I am of a “seasoned” age, that my own health concerns wouldn’t harm baby or me. All the complications, all the dangers, all the fears that have raged a war within me began to steal the joy and bliss that I feel. I was encouraged to ask God for confirmation that everything would be alright after listening to Joel Osteen yesterday morning, so I did just that. Lord give me a sign that you are in this and that it is all in your hands. That this miracle baby would be a full term healthy miracle, that’s what I needed. 24 hours later I experienced this “missed accident.” As if an angel was in that intersection protecting Caleb (that’s the name my husband and I have chosen for our son.) We’ve been calling him Caleb for weeks although he’s currently the size of a peanut and knew this would be his name years back.

That would have been enough, but there was more….

A couple of hours later while channel surfing I landed on a show titled “Bringing Home Baby.” A family had just brought their newborn home and proceeded to tell their baby story. They stood in the little boy’s nursery, what I saw next almost made me fall out of my chair. Printed on the wall was the baby’s name…. C A L E B. Okay now you know this is not the most popular name. Coincidence? Not in the least. It was if God was speaking directly to me on the screen, I’m protecting Caleb, all is well, rest in Me.

Okay got it Lord, officially done trippin’. You’re hand is over this, you’ve shown yourself, this is just all you. Thank you for your protection. I received flashing light confirmation that God has got me and better yet He’s got this little boy.

Moral the story:

When you take a long journey you need signs to help you through. I highly doubt that you would jump on a road with no plan, no navigation and say, “Hey, I’m driving to Cleveland.” You would need signs in the road telling you that you’re headed in the right direction, giving you a clue of how far you’ve traveled and how close you are to your destination. So why would our lives be any different? Direction is available to us if we ask for it. And after we receive direction, conformation should follow, but we have to ask for that too. God’s confirmation is needed on our journey. We’ll be given signs in the road as we travel.

If you are one that has no navigation, I’d suggest that you gain some. My navigational system is amazingly accurate, there’s no monthly charge and He makes the journey sweet. If you already have this system in place then ask for confirmation of your direction. You will receive it every time, in big and small ways. Lastly, pay attention, don’t miss the signs, never mistake them for coincidence. All systems are operational.

Tiffany Lane-Crane
Copyright 2010


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