Schools or Combat Zones?

I feel like an elderly woman when I reminisce of days when a shooting in a school was unheard of. That changed on an April day here in the Denver area many years ago. I at the time was in my early 20’s and worked in an area called The Denver Tech Center, which was roughly 10 minutes from that Littleton, Colorado high school that became famous in a flash. Columbine was the first of school massacres, and as we all sat in shock and horror over this tragedy, I dont think anyone in their right mind would have assumed that this would be the beginning of an epidemic.

Although this school year’s beginning is now several weeks in session, we as parents must stay on top of the important stuff around our children going to school. The very basic thing should be safety, the fact that this is an issue at all is way beyond disheartening. Yesterday President Obama eloquently stated what I was thinking. This notion of kids going to class to be gunned down is not something that we can ever get use to. In spite of this most recent school shooting in Oregon, which is now the 45th this year, (yes, you read correctly, the 45th). We cant allow ourselves to shut down or become desensitized to these occurrences.  We can never except this type of violence as common place.

While I have no answers as to how to treat this societal problem, the couple of things that I will do vigorously are be actively involved in my child’s education, and pray. The idea that this most recent murderer walked onto a campus asking who was Christian is not something to be glazed over. Evil is real, but it will not abound if good stands up against it. #ThatsMyStoryAndImStickingToIt


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