November Sucks!

November Sucks

Right hand lifted. I’ve been completely absent from my blog, yes I have… but for good reason. I kinda despise this time of the year. Now before you go and right me off as one of those pessimists that complains about everything from the wind to the Easter bunnies, you should know a few simple things.

My mother died on November 13, 2004.

My grandfather died on November 1, 2012.

I no likey November.


November for me represents loss. It’s the loss of the family that I once knew. It is the realization of all the change that is around me. It is the coming to terms with the brisk winter air that replaced my warm SoCal skies.

It is also the embarking on the end of an era that was this year, and the looking to what will be in the new. So all is not lost.

Through my trials I have learned to embrace where I am, to give myself permission to feel what I feel. This month for me feels like a big o plate of yuck. But I will choose something different from the buffet in my next season.

So as I post this on this last and final day of the month we give thanks for invading someone’s land, I can say that I’m happy to see it go. I’m ready for December. I’m ready for 2016. I choose to simply be grateful for my blessings on a daily basis, and that I didn’t eat too much turkey this Thanksgiving.


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