Ending Credits Only Run at The End

Heart-healedDefinition of the Holy Spirit. I woke up this morning very broken, very. I went to my church from LA’s website looking for a word. I watched my Bishop Kenneth Ulmer’s (Faithful Central Bible Church) sermon posted on the website’s home page. Using Philippians 1:6 Bishop preached on how God would complete the good work that He’s started, he said it won’t be over until it’s good.

An hour later I tuned into the live service at Potter’s House Dallas where the praise leader sings, “It aint over till it’s good,” in those words specifically. I’d never heard that scripture that way before but within minutes I’d heard it twice between thousands of miles apart.  

The Holy Spirit sent the same message to me to such a low place. There are a lot of people who take scripture as a feel good thing or that those Christians over there and all their hype make things so simple or that they’re weird, or whatever the thought is. But I can tell you that I was not in a good place. I was asking God when this season was going to end, I was questioning if He cared for me and my son at all, I was questioning my very value, my very life, and I have been in the place for a while. So in saying that it was only God who could have given me hope from this place, and it wasn’t just nice words but only by the power of the Holy Spirit that I haven’t fallen into complete despair.

He fixes brokenness and what I am dealing with today will be over when the good. Now how wonderful is that? No matter the pain of our present, how wonderful is it that the ending credits will not run on this chapter. How wonderful is it that God would not allow us to stay here or get only the benefits of where we are today. But God will say “the end” when the full goodness of this pain is brought to fruition.

#Amazing #Hallelujah #ThankYouJesus #YouAreMoreThanEverythingToMe #ItAintOverTillItsGood #ButGod


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