The Tooth Debacle


20151227_125435[1].jpgSo a few days ago Caleb lost his first tooth. He’s not quite 5 years old, so I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. I think I was about 6 when I started loosing my baby teeth, although I couldn’t say for sure seeing that happened during the Carter administration.

I dunno, I am feeling a bit sad about this.  For those who don’t know, my son has got some developmental delays and is currently non-verbal. There’s something really backward to me about him presently being unable to speak while already losing his baby teeth. Something metaphoric about the mouth as I’ve always been big on communication, (newsflash for the author of a blog). I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the reality of the challenges of our circumstances. They become more and more real the older that he gets. Even this super duper cute pic here took about 10 attempts to capture as I struggled to get him still enough for the shot. There’s also some sensory over stimulation that we deal with on a minute by minute basis.

This recent tooth debacle gives showcase to the notion that this mom thing is still very new to me. That moment when Caleb came up to me pointing to his bloody tooth as it dangled from his gum made me weak. Fortunately for both of us a good friend of mine was available to go in for the extraction. Dawn is a vet at this mom thing and she had that bottom row to the left tooth out in about 2.5 seconds. I appreciate her so much as I officially have moved tooth removal into the bag of “this hurts mommy more than it hurts you,” along with getting vaccine shots. To say that it’s difficult and challenging navigating new mom waters, while balancing my son’s needs, while coming to terms with the reality that he has one parent to figure all of this out, is the understatement of 2015.  

I swear moms deserve medals. And single moms deserve medals and a round of applause. And moms of special needs kids deserve medals, and a round of applause, while wearing a cape. And single moms of special needs kids deserve medals, and a round of applause, while wearing a cape and a million dollar deposit transaction. I am prayerful and mindfully navigating through these unfamiliar waters daily. I take it day by day, and even on dreary days my son’s smile brightens my life, even if it’s snaggle toothed one.



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