Pants Fitting Quite Tightly

Today’s lunch, Panera Bread’s Thai Chicken salad, Cheddar and Brocoli soups with whole grain bread. Yum!!!

Ok so this morning the pants that I wear regularly and that belt that was already stretched to the last hole were fitting extra snug. I couldn’t drive without unleashing the dragon. Unbuckling the bulge was necessary for breathing. I realized that I’d walked around in public for a good 35 good minutes with my belly hanging over the zipper only after I seeing a reflection of myself in a glass window. Now if that’s not motivation to make some changes I don’t know what will be.

Like so many over the holidays I had a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and then I went in for seconds, then thirds. So now with this being the first Monday of 2016 dagnambit I’m gonna do better than I did yesterday and get my act together.

Last night’s dinner, grilled asparagas w/ sea salt and cheddar and jalepeno stuffed portbella mushrooms. #SlapYoMamaGood

Around this time last year I began to eat a little more than normal, eat a little later than normal, eat a little less consciously than normal. I exited 2015 thirty pounds heavier than I exited 2014. So before my stomach exits any further over the top of my belt strap, I will do better.

I’m going back to the gym after being absent for more than 90 days, I’m eating cleaner, I’m gonna do some stretching and get a few doctors and specialist appointments scheduled for over the next 60 days. Health is officially the kick off to my #BeBetterThanYesterday and my #OperationGetYourConfidenceBack, and my #GetLifted campaigns. It starts now. If you want to join in with me comment below. Get committed to you, not because it’s a new year but because you deserve some newness, some gain, some lift. You deserve for this to be more than a resolution that you may lose by March, but to take a few steps today to get big gains tomorrow. I officially want the gain in my health and not around my thighs.


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