Happy Valentines Day to that Special Someone


I want to stop and say how much you mean to me. You have been there through the thick and thin. No matter the highs, the lows, you were always there. I bought you some chocolate. And here’s a balloon and some strawberries  dipped in more chocolate, I know what you like. Enjoy your pasta lathered in cheese and your fave spinach and artichoke cheese dip (yep more cheese). Don’t worry about taking a pic of that slice of German Chocolate cream cheese cake with the chocolate graham cracker crust, it didn’t even make it to the doggy bag.

Today I celebrate the woman you are. I celebrate your heart, your character, your integrity, your warmth, your beauty, your humor. I celebrate your continually seeking after God’s heart, I celebrate your seeking your purpose. In spite of all that you’ve been through your heart and mind have remained in tact. With all the fullness of love I can muster, I say Happy Valentine’s Day!

To me, from me.tiffvday



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