American Idol, All Up in My Life

If you are missing the farewell season of American Idol, you are missing some of the most amazing moments in television history. I mean really. I’m not trying to be corny, but if something will get you off your couch yelling at your tv screen, or if a performance can make you go into the sobbing ugly cry, then it might be worthy of being labeled amazing. I’m not sure how this is happening but these two performances are very parallel to my life. Which I suppose is the definition of good music, when it reaches somewhere deep, when it speaks to our lives directly. Both of these performances do just that.

And the next American Idol is…. LaPorsha Ranae…  LaPorsha Ranae…LaPorsha Ranae. Make a note of that name because this girl is everything. When the original American Idol, (my girl Kelly), calls you the winner of the final season of the show that made her a star, just as the last 10 finalist perform, then you might want to look out. LaPorsha speaks deeply to anyone who has ever struggled through trials and abuse and came out on the other end thriving. She’s recently divorced and suddenly became a single mom after leaving an abusive marriage. (That doesn’t sound familiar to me at all!) Insert sarcasm. I love this girl, I love her spirit, and obviously I love her voice. Her voice makes me feel like I’m being washed by warm rain. The word amazing is overused, she however is the epitome of amazement.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Whew!!! This girl!!!! So it’s not a mystery that this girl can sing her draws off. She’s soulful, and funky, and fun. She’s the type of chick that you’d want to hang out with in real person. Like you could share potato skins at Applebees with into the wee hours of the morning. I like Kelly, I love Kelly. And this very pregnant Kelly graced us with her presence while judging the top 10 finalist. But they wouldn’t dare close the show without letting her take the mic. And take the mic she did. This girl!!! There aren’t sufficient words. The song Piece by Piece was written after Kelly had her first child and is reminiscent on the drastic difference between how her absent father parented her, and how her husband parents her children. Kelly has no idea how many hearts she’s healing with this song… starting with mine.


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