The Dummies Guide on How to Renew Strength

that which we persist 100

This might be the shortest post I’ve ever shared. I tend to be lengthy in words. Lately I’ve been seeking simplicity. My life is overrun with busyness. Running from one place to the next. Returning phone calls while running errands, sending emails while balancing the checking account. Researching new therapy methods in therapy waiting rooms. I only make purchases with dual purposes, a blender that doubles as a food processor, two in one shampoo and conditioner.  I am always moving, always planning, always going. I take care of my son alone. My son has Autism. I don’t stop moving. Enough said.

So I’ve been seeking methods, strategies, wisdoms, and praying over how to keep all this going. This is what I came up with.

Continue. Rest. Applaud. Continue again. = Renewed Strength #ThatIsAll


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