No Paula, No! The Paula White Endorsement of Donald Trump, the Loss of Repsect Before Our Eyes

I’ve sat in a number of services under the live voice of Paula White. She was always one of those speakers, one of those preachers that I along with swarms of other folk would fight traffic, and packed parking lots to see. The type of preacher that you rearrange schedules in order to hear. Lightening bolt! That’s how I referred to her, I revered her. Every time she took the mic it was like fire caught up in my bones. I’ve stood in lines to get her books signed and recently got excited as she sat in the pulpit live at my church just over 6 months ago. I have been a fan of her gift for the better part of 20 years. Her raspy tell it like it is cadence was familiar to my ears as she delivered her messages with quick tempo heavy anointing.

We gave her a soul pass so to speak. In my multi-cultural, non-denominational church it is not unusual to have a white person in the pulpit before a predominately African American congregation, but with Paula White as it is with Sheryl Brady and Vicki Yohe, we offered special pass. You know those passes. The ones when a Caucasian brother or sister is a little more down than normal. Those that either grew up around, or had the swag of black folk. Overall they had a respect for black people, for black culture, an ability to relate.  We accept them, call them light skin and keep it moving. Paula White was one of those, and she has been for years.

So fast forward to March 2016. I’m sitting waiting for the shock of it all to wear off. Paula White endorses Donald Trump for the Republican Party nomination for the President of the United States. I wish I could drop a “sike” right here real quick, because even typing those words seems as though I should follow this up with a punch line in a joke. But no this is real, very real.
If Paula White endorsing Donald Trump was not bad enough she added great insult to injury as she was quoted saying “all those who rise against him [Trump] shall be condemned. Ok so ah yeah. If this is not the victimization of the wolf I don’t know what is. Imagine this, Moses and them (as in the Children of Israel) want to get out of slavery.  So they were like, Pharaoh, you’re horrible to us and we’re out! Paula White arrives on the scene and tells the Children of Israel that she is backing Pharaoh in his run to keep them in oppression. Extreme analogy? I think not, keep reading.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RTX1GZCO

-This Trumps Anything We’ve Ever Seen!
It’s really unbelievable the circus that this man has created. Donald Trump has single handedly turned the Republican primary into a circus. There has never been anything even remotely like this in history. He with his big checks and tangerine cheeks has created more chaos than a long tailed cat would in a room full of rocking chairs. Let’s review how we got here, shall we?
-The Birther Movement

I was done with Trump way back when. Trump questioned President Obama’s citizenship well before announcing his desire to run for president himself.  This being his first ditch effort to determine if he had a fan base, never mind that base was built on deception. He continually attacked the president’s character, calling him a liar and claiming he deceived the American people in getting elected. Even after the President’s birth place was proven Trump continued to plant seeds of doubt questioning the authenticity of the provided document. This was our first glimpse of Trump’s slithery nature, but wait there’s more.

-Attack of the Stats
Trump claims that there has been no growth, only job loss, and that America continually “looses” globally. The generalized claims for the failure of a nation is the foundation for his “Make America great again” platform, however it is saturated with lies and generalized innuendo. In actuality the Obama administration turned America’s deficit in the positive by record numbers, and has drastically increased job growth. Not to mention that take down of Bin Laden. However every purchased platform that Trump appeared on he claimed that the Obama administration fails miserably in everything  from foreign affairs to breathing.

-Women are not Equal
Trump goes on a rampage by calling Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly a bimbo and a dumb woman. During the first round of the GOP primary debates her legitimate questions on Trumps experience and detailed plans for office served as troublesome for him. Therefore he resorted to what he knows best, verbal attacks in his 4th grade level vernacular.
-Mexicans are Rapists
Trump claims that immigrants from Mexico come here to rape women. I mean I just don’t have sufficient words. The only thing I will add to is that after his racist remarks Univision determined to have no further dealings with him, he then threatened to sue them if they closed those dealings. Ladies and gentlemen we have a 69 year old tantrum throwing toddler who is upset that his toys are taken away after he has thrown them at others.
-The Handicap are So Funny
Trump claimed to have seen “thousands of Muslims celebrating” moments after the attacks on 9/11. He had to scurry and get backing to his made up fantasies so he called on Washington Post reporter Serge Kovaleski to do so. Kovaleski has a physical handicap, to which Trump mocked and made fun of during a rally. Mysteriously his heinous attack on this young man’s handicap came just after the reporter denied Trump’s claim of those thousands of cheering Muslims.  The works of a masterful bully. Trump is too slimy for words.
-Muslims are Cray Cray
On the heels of the so-called thousands of cheering Muslims after the Twin Towers fell, Trump wanted to band all Muslims from entering the United States. Ah yeah. So Bin Laden was Muslim so all Muslims are terrorists. Just like Jim Jones being Christian making all Christians mass murdering derelicts.
“I’m Not Coming to Your Party!
Trump refuses to attend the Iowa Republican debate just after his personal attacks on Megyn Kelly.  Claiming that Fox News commentators were being unfair to him. Now here’s the guy who wants to lead the free world but really has a problem with having conversation with those who disagree with him. I’m assuming he simply choosing not to attend negotiations with China or Russia because he didn’t like what the other person had to say wouldn’t go over so well on the global front. He did experience his first slip in the polls however when he chose not attend this debate. But without humility or a sense of correction he instead responded in old Donald fashion by stating that the folks in Iowa were just stupid. Again there goes his 4th grade level insults.  Many of his supporters claim that they like him because he says what’s on his mind. But as best stated from a 8 year old interviewed on Trump’s tactics, “Trump does speak his mind, but his mind is wrong.” Out of the mouth of babes.
-Punch Him the Face
If a year ago you would have predicted that a person running for the candidacy for the President of the United States continually incited crowds to punch protesters in the face, I would have laughed out loud, and heavily. Donald Trump actually told his supporters to hit those who did not agree with them. He’s said this repeatedly, even offering to handle the legal fees that might ensue from such actions. I mean have you ever?? So when this actually began to happen during his rallies what did he do? He did not petition his supporters to refrain from violence, instead he lied and said that the protesters, not the supporters were the ones being violent. It’s really unbelievable. Students, reporters, and regular Americans of every skin tone have been shoved, spat upon, kicked, and punched by Trump supporters for peacefully taking stand against Trump. It’s really for me the most mind boggling reality of this entire debauchery called the Trump campaign.
-Who is the KKK?
This guy. Donald Trump needs a trampoline for all the wrong conclusions he jumps to. Somehow he in his mind has Mexicans, Muslims and women all figured out yet he’s not really familiar with the Ku Klux Klan. When asked how he felt about David Duke’s endorsement for his nomination he claimed that he didn’t know who Duke was. So er ahhh. David Duke has always been a grand wizard in the KKK and Donald knows that as much as he knows he should stay away from high performing wind fans. He eventually did “disendow” Duke’s endorsement only after receiving pressure to do so. His own conscience was not reason enough to distance himself from the longest running American terrorist organization in history.  Trump’s quick racist responses towards people of color was that of lightening speed, but slow your row on how I feel about a hate group that regularly killed children and burned men over camp fires just for sport. And this “disendowment” was somewhere at the level of sincerity that an attitudinal teenage girl would have for being reprimanded for staying out past curfew. The endorsement of neo nazi’s, white supremacist and those riddled in hate happened officially on that day, just so we’re clear.
-Take America Back from “Them”
Don’t get it twisted. This idea of “Make America great again” is written and pinned in deception and fear.  The idea that America went somewhere first off. Trump ran a broken record of taking every well purchased opportunity to remind us that America had fallen into a dark abyss. Anyone who had a struggle and wanted someone else to blame for it jumped on the bandwagon with them. Never mind that America’s economy grew back from back from the worst recession of our lifetime. The jobs that were lost during the recession were due to corporations sending jobs overseas. President Obama, Mexicans, Muslims, Black folk, gays didn’t get a vote in those decisions. However the fear mongering and finger pointing is enticing to low income whites just as it was the ranch hands who were given crumbs to rangle in run away slaves back to their plantations. Massa makes his millions while poor whites help him do so, while still remaining poor themselves. Somehow people of color are to blame for that hierarchy right?

-Give Us Liberty or Give us Two Corinthians

Trump got up before Christian Liberty College. The students were required under mandate to attend. Trump attempted to sway them into believing that “Christianity was under siege” as he attempted to quote scripture. While attempting to quote 2 Corinthians 3;17, Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, he sited “Two” Corinthians instead of “Second” Corinthians. Enter laughter. Maybe he should have followed up with a joke about the priest and the two Corinthians walking into a bar. But what he did do is expose himself. If we were talking about a normal fallible human being we could chopped this up to human error and move on. But we’re talking about a narcissist who is clothed in deception, but his armor is clearly cracked. He has not cracked open a King James, a NIV, a track, or a hymn book since I was in a training bra. He is pandering to Christians because he wants the Evangelical vote not because he represents anything remotely close to the author of bible he attempted to quote.
Chicago wasn’t having it, protesters shut down the scheduled Trump rally.
So this brings me back to Paula. Now unless Ms. White does not have Wi-Fi or has been away from Earth for the last 6 months than I’m assuming that she has seen the charade of the Trump show. From the position of many the racists comments were enough, another helping of people were done with Donald Slump when he bashed women, then another round were good when he encouraged his supporters to beat down protesters. But if you are Christian leader who is looking to endorse a candidate wouldn’t you have to consider the fruits of the spirit of said candidate as reason for or against an endorsement? Have we as the church really become so desensitized to basic humanity that we are no longer willing to see another person’s right to an abundant life in Christ? Have we reached a belief that God Himself who created races, and culture, and nations is not concerned with those oppressed or discriminated against, harmed or killed due to race? Is God Himself not concerned with anything regarding man beyond his salvation? If that is the case why would he not immediately graft us to Heaven the moment we accept Jesus? Why is the church not taking an active stand in this impeding destruction before us? Because it can write large checks and fly in on private jets do we choose not to see it as it’s core? Or are we allowing ourselves to be boiled to death slowly in an environment breeding with hate and division. These are the questions I would pose for Pastor Paula White if I had the opportunity to ask her directly. The Word is pretty clear on who will inherit the Kingdom of God, lairs, deceivers, manipulators and those that create division are pretty high on the list of those not getting in. I cant speak to Trump’s salvation specifically, but what is crystal clear are his repetitive actions that in no way shape or form resemble anything Godly. So what are we to say about those who align themselves with the ungodly?
At the beginning of this post I mentioned the word respect. I couldn’t figure out why Pastor Paula’s endorsement of Trump bothered me so until I thought of this one single word. It is a word that is subtle in the details, but when it is absent it screams to the high heavens.  That is ultimately what has been lost. While she I’m sure is not segregated to the black church only, Paula White no longer respects the very fold who elevated her.  She no longer has base understanding of the people  who greatly have supported her and ultimately made her famous. This happened at least publicly when she endorsed Donald Trump for president. Trump has shown us time and time again who he is. I’m taking the advice of the great late Maya Angelou, when people show you who they are, believe them. Calling out those who lie, and deceive, and incite violence is not sin. But laying silent while evil men run havoc indeed is.




  1. So true, Tiffany! I understand that she had a prior friendship with him; however, endorsements are serious. What is she endorsing, exactly? On what scriptures did she base her declaration that everyone who speaks out against his un-Christlike behavior will be condemned? Color me cynical, but I am sure she did the math. Her fan base is firm, and she is not likely to lose members, contributors or followers with her choice. She can find three scriptures to support us standing together as Christians even when we disagree, and I expect a few sermons there soon. I do hope that people (read: her black supporters who have given her the cool pass) truly consider what’s at stake and follow God’s word instead of man’s (or woman’s).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes yes!!! To endorse is to get completely behind. And I’m so glad you mentioned the question on who she is condemning. In fact he’ll be condemned for his stands. I could still deal with her if this was a candidate I didn’t stand behind on some points, we could just settle it as a difference of opinion and I’d still buy her books. But she’s backing someone who is the most vile, the bottom of the sticky stuff vile. And this is your homie?! Yeah, I cant.


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