After the Storm


#‎MyCurrentSituation‬ ‪#‎TheAfterEffectsOfTheStorm‬
Have you ever had major surgery, or a major physical injury? You know the aftereffects, the stuff that follows? The aching, the swelling, the soreness, the sharp pains when you move wrong? This is exactly where I am this morning.
The aching is of the mind, the swelling is of the spirit, the bruising is of the heart.

The aftermaths of the blood of my people in the streets. The history of that bloodshed of real life eerily reminiscent of 1716 not 2016. The bloodshed of officers having nothing to do with offenses from corrupt badge carriers. The political spin doctor’s attempts to steadily divide among racial lines over the Blue lives lost. The remaining silence of many Whites claiming none of these incidents anything to do with them. That silence present also with some Blacks caught somewhere between the apathy of the masses, and the crippling of broken spirit. The looming paralysis of a church positioned in the falesy that social justice is not Godly.


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