A Good Teacher is Like a Candle

Good Teacher 300After a long and horrible experience with Caleb’s old school, and a late in the school year transfer to a new and fabulous school, I can say that I am very grateful for good teachers. I wont allow my experiences with bad ones to tarnish my view of the good ones, especially the good ones who teach special need kids. It’s a wonderful thing when your child’s teacher loves what they do, and they light up when they see your child smile. It’s a beautiful thing when your child’s current teacher meets with next school year’s teacher multiple times, during their own personal time. These teachers help me to not feel so alone in this thing called Autism.

When progress reports are given, and goals are set all in the spirit of wanting what’s best for your child, after you know that someone just invested hours, and days, and weeks into your child, how can you not be grateful. I’m excited about how my son is growing and is going to thrive, not just in my hands, but in the hands of his amazing teachers. Thank you Ashley! Thank you Lanay!
#FeelingKindaMushy #AutismAwareness #SpecialNeedsTeachersRock #IEP


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