Mean Girls Day

mean girls

If you’re like me, you need something lighthearted with all that’s going on in the country right now. So Mean Girls Day is right on time. “What day is it?” Aaron asked Cady in class. She answered, “October 3rd.” I saw this film for the 127th time a couple of months ago, quoting every line as usual. The Tina Fey classic unbelievably came out in 2004. What’s amazing to me is how much I love this movie even though I am well beyond the age of the characters, much closer to Tina’s age actually…. excuse me much much closer to Tina’s age. But I think it’s interesting how much of the vernacular from the film I still use in everyday conversation. I don’t remember quoting lines from the Breakfast Club from the 80’s, or Clueless in the 90’s, but Mean Girls was my jam…. real fans will catch that one. I’m still telling folks to stop trying to make fetch happen round these parts. So in celebration of the day I wanted to give props to this film that still makes me giggle like the first time I saw it. And you know you feel the same way, and youre like, I know right!!

Down to serious business, click the link below for the GoFundMe page in honor of Mean Girls Day that will go towards the National Compassion Fund, and will go to assist the victims of the Vegas Shooting. You go Glen Coco!!



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