The Rose


Caleb was out enjoying a warm winter day, running and skipping and such, when he suddenly fell into a rose bush. He yelled out to me in an octave only a mothers could understand. That one that screams out pain. As I quickly picked him up and began to pick the thorns out of his hands and arms, he looked at me in agony as if to say, “what are those?!” My non-verbal little boy communicates so well with his eyes. I told him they were thorns, just as I reached over and picked a wilted rose bud and handed it to him. The Rose had been beaten down by the winter’s cold, yet seemed to still be holding on to its anchor in the branch. It was then that I realized that it didn’t matter that winter had come, it didn’t matter that the storms blew. It only mattered that it held on to the branch. And we’ll, those thorns that we think are nuisances are really a protective armor, they keep us from being plucked out before our bloom.

#HoldOn #Boom #ARoseIsStillARose #InDueSeason #AutismAwareness #Grateful #Perspective


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