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Philando Castile, Close to Home


There are the times when police shootings of innocent men hit us harder than others. It’s all tragic, it’s all loss, but because we’re human sometimes we’re affected with one story more than another. We have to be because taking in too much tragedy is not good for the soul.

For me it was Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland, all for different reasons, these tragedies hit me in a deep and personal place.

Now Philando Castile affects me in that same place, with the legacy of all the others behind him.

Every person who knew him called him kind, sweet, generous. I have had to go to the Father so regularly in fighting the urge to fall into a low place over his senseless death. That tragedy can strike because of an assumed threat, based on the color of your skin, even though you are kind, generous, AND innocent, is an overwhelming notion.

The boy with the disability holding the sign in the picture, says more than what is written on his board. Losing someone special to him surely hits him harder than it would most. When someone is kind when you have a need that is outside the norm, you are dealing with an extremely dear person. #Tears

Praying for his family, his friends, for our nation, and for the hearts of many like me who have been hit hard by this loss. #LetTheKindAndGenerousKeepYourHeadUp #BlackLivesMatter




Autism in Black, and the Police

tifflivefeed.pngCheck out my live feed on Autism and Black and Brown boys. This subject hits home for me. Click here —>


Dear Son,

snaggle tooth100

Dear Son,
I find myself holding you a little tighter lately. I find myself watching you peacefully sleep. You don’t know all the madness going on in the world around you. But I will protect you from it as much as I can, and that will be until my death. The idea that I cannot protect you from all pain is indeed my greatest pain. I will be there when they attempt to criminalize you on the playground, in the classroom, in the boardroom. I will be there.
Love you with everything in me,
Your Mommie
#ThisBlackLifeMatters #MySnaggleToothedBaby #MyReason