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Mean Girls Day

mean girls

If you’re like me, you need something lighthearted with all that’s going on in the country right now. So Mean Girls Day is right on time. “What day is it?” Aaron asked Cady in class. She answered, “October 3rd.” I saw this film for the 127th time a couple of months ago, quoting every line as usual. The Tina Fey classic unbelievably came out in 2004. What’s amazing to me is how much I love this movie even though I am well beyond the age of the characters, much closer to Tina’s age actually…. excuse me much much closer to Tina’s age. But I think it’s interesting how much of the vernacular from the film I still use in everyday conversation. I don’t remember quoting lines from the Breakfast Club from the 80’s, or Clueless in the 90’s, but Mean Girls was my jam…. real fans will catch that one. I’m still telling folks to stop trying to make fetch happen round these parts. So in celebration of the day I wanted to give props to this film that still makes me giggle like the first time I saw it. And you know you feel the same way, and youre like, I know right!!

Down to serious business, click the link below for the GoFundMe page in honor of Mean Girls Day that will go towards the National Compassion Fund, and will go to assist the victims of the Vegas Shooting. You go Glen Coco!!



So I Asked Myself to be My Valentine…

So I asked myself to be my Valentine… and I said yes!! It was a wonderful day, I took myself out and got my nails and hair done, and then ended the day with a delicious seafood meal from Pappadeaux. It was a fabulous time, with beautiful weather, I really enjoyed my company. We’ll have to do this again.
#ValentinesDay #SelfCare #TheReturnOfJoy #GettingMyGrooveBack

valday200 .jpg

My girl Tanya Does Hair Mason has me #snatched. I appreciate her so much. A girl is getting her groove back around these parts. #Hair #RealHair #NaturalHair


Jesse, You Aint Gotta Worry Boo!!

you aint gotta worry boo

I don’t have to tell you the story, that is unless you live under a really big rock, or were on Juno as it just reached Jupiter this weekend. Jesse Williams dropped the mic of all mics. He came and swooped up the souls of Black folks still ailing from countless slaughters on American streets. He deposited hope into our veins reminiscent only of the days of Bellafonte, King and X. Many, myself included, are now under this voice for the first time in our lives. Eloquent but with the delivery of a “we aint taking no more of your stuff” Black Panther-esque. His speech last week at the BET Awards was one of classic television. This call to action, the action to know your own worth. Speaking to the depths of heart and spirit. We applauded him.

Others didn’t. In these days when presidential candidates align themselves clearly with white supremacists theories, it is immoral to those of warped mindset to allow their views to be questioned. The daring of calling truth to the carpet is in their minds reason to call foul, so they packed their white privilege into deflective napsacks and called  Jesse a racist. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when I stare flagrant ignorance in the face, yet I find my chin needing to be pulled up from the dropped position as I remind myself that this is nothing new. When the Whistleblower calls out a racist system, that racist system looks for every opportunity to remove accountability from itself, and thus references the Whistleblower negligent in some way or fashion. This is as ludicrous as it would be to accuse the sexual assault victim of guilt because her skirt was too high. Oops, this happens in this society everyday. My bad.

So there was a petition on circulating to get Jesse fired from Grey’s Anatomy because he was a so-called racist. Then there was a counter petition on the same site calling for empathy for his stand while requesting he be allowed to keep his position on the show. Okay so I suppose it’s easy to say these things after the fact, but I can honestly say I wasn’t worried.

Why There Was No Need To Worry

See if you were a real Jesse Williams fan before the BET awards, if you’ve been following his Tweets on matters of racial discrimination, police brutality and Black beauty and purpose, you’d know that his speech on BET was nothing more than an extension of the sentiments he shares regularly. Dude drops bows on em like regularly! You know how many cups of tea I’ve sipped as he’s offered gems dripped in jewels on the truths of our condition and what we need to do to overcome it. He got my attention after marching in the streets for Mike Brown in Ferguson when very very few celebrities, or clergy were willing to do much more than a nod in solidarity for heinous acts against humans in Black skin.

Annnnd if you were a real Shonda Rhimes fan and have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for a decade, and have taken any and all joyous rides in and throughout ShondaLand, then you’d know that she very likely shares Jesse’s views. I’m just saying. Jesse isn’t going anywhere. But I do find it all the more heart fluttering that she made this be known with her simple Tweet, “Um, people? Boo don’t need a petition.

So today I sit in the beautiful and warm afterglow of black conscious folk, who have not only power and pull in Hollywood, but care enough about Black folk to put that power and pull to work in a real way.

#DropsMicWhileSprinklingRealBlackFolkMagic #JesseWilliamsIsASuperhero