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Long Hair Dont Care

longhairdontcareSo this just happened. I did a big chop in 2012 while going through my divorce. Since 2013 I’ve let it grow back as a sign of my next phase. No chemicals, no relaxer. Just a lot of leave in conditioner and a lot of pony tails. The newness has begun.


Some Return to Myself

Ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door shall be open.

So I put out a request for a hair stylist and what I got was so much more. I’m really not trying to be extra deep, but this is really a big deal.

Some women pamper themselves regularly, I’m not one of those women. Between an illness, a bout on short term disability, a hard pregnancy, a rough marriage, a messy divorce, sudden sin1gle parent hood, homelessness, and the raising a special needs child 100% solo, I have been on the back burner of my “to do” list for a very long time.

But today I found THE MOST AWESOME HAIR PROFESSIONAL IN DENVER, Tanya Does Hair Mason. Her professionalism was only outdone by her warmth, focus on service and knowledge of healthy hair. But she did more for me than do my hair, she gave me some return to myself. She made me feel worthy of good things. And if that wasn’t enough. … unbeknownst to me my girl Rilla La’Shawn Ervin paid for it all! Your generosity is beyond!

I’m just amazed and I feel blessed to be coming up from  a dark place. God is kinda amazing.