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This Valley that Appears to Be Death

this valley that appears to be death

(Found a writing from a way back)….

I was really discouraged. I felt heavy for days.

I reached out to a couple folk who couldn’t or wouldn’t understand.

There’s the mommie thing. I coddled a child who cant currently say I love you back to me. I dissected his needs discerning the difference between toddler defiance and special needs frustration, while my head ached and heart raced. I calmed screeches and screams that he uses for words, while calming the inward anxiety that they bring. We tosseled over each other living in a space not sufficient for two. Stress was high, patience was thin.

Then there were the reminders. I was reminded of a friends betrayal and judgment during my lowest of moments. I was reminded of the one who abandoned his child and left me holding the pieces.

There were questions. I asked for assistance to be told that I make too much money to qualify, this unbalancing act between not ever enough, just over completely destitute.

Then there was the ripping of heart strings. Promises made, but broken. Emotional head games and manipulations. All around me the author of confusion seemingly placing my name on the tongues of many. I was ridiculed and lied on.

Then there was the giving of myself. I was not encouraged by the people that I encouraged.
I was criticized instead of thanked for going out of my way to help.

It all caught up with me, it all began to choke me. It created physical pain throughout every extremity.

I wanted to run away. Far away from here, take a taxi cab and get away fast.

So I sat in a park before having to clock into a job that makes me just as weary as my life and I attempted to focus my thoughts long enough to pray.

Then the Holy Spirit took me to my vision. He reminded me of this thing He gave me to do. He reminded me that once I’m holding my treasure that it wont matter how long it took for me to obtain it. That the spoils would outweigh this weight, this angst that I hold today.

I saw myself with a smile on. I saw myself accomplishing the very things I prayed for. I saw a glimpse of a finish line.

I got encouraged, I got lifted. And not that get happy real quick fake kind of, quickly passing encouragement, but the long lasting power of the why of where I am.

I must continue and not throw up my hands, I cant faint now. I’m too near my goal. So for this valley that appears to be death, you are nothing more than a shadow, and just beyond you is the breaking of day.

A Good Teacher is Like a Candle

Good Teacher 300After a long and horrible experience with Caleb’s old school, and a late in the school year transfer to a new and fabulous school, I can say that I am very grateful for good teachers. I wont allow my experiences with bad ones to tarnish my view of the good ones, especially the good ones who teach special need kids. It’s a wonderful thing when your child’s teacher loves what they do, and they light up when they see your child smile. It’s a beautiful thing when your child’s current teacher meets with next school year’s teacher multiple times, during their own personal time. These teachers help me to not feel so alone in this thing called Autism.

When progress reports are given, and goals are set all in the spirit of wanting what’s best for your child, after you know that someone just invested hours, and days, and weeks into your child, how can you not be grateful. I’m excited about how my son is growing and is going to thrive, not just in my hands, but in the hands of his amazing teachers. Thank you Ashley! Thank you Lanay!
#FeelingKindaMushy #AutismAwareness #SpecialNeedsTeachersRock #IEP


caydayThis week Caleb started a new school after a big fight with his previous school/teacher/district. He has been so much more happy when he comes home in the afternoon, and his new teachers and classroom are amazing. Tonight we sat together and he started to form his mouth to say words for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I get the pleasure of tucking this little joy bundle in every night. Tonight while doing so I asked him to smile big for the camera, he immediately did responding like he understood what I was asking. That’s really rare as I usually have to snap a quick pic of him because he won’t smile when I ask, but he did tonight. Then he wanted to see himself in the camera, he gets it and that’s a big deal. Celebrating my little boy’s victories. I know there will be many more to come. #Overjoyed #Tears #LightItUpBlue #AutismAwareness