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caydayThis week Caleb started a new school after a big fight with his previous school/teacher/district. He has been so much more happy when he comes home in the afternoon, and his new teachers and classroom are amazing. Tonight we sat together and he started to form his mouth to say words for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I get the pleasure of tucking this little joy bundle in every night. Tonight while doing so I asked him to smile big for the camera, he immediately did responding like he understood what I was asking. That’s really rare as I usually have to snap a quick pic of him because he won’t smile when I ask, but he did tonight. Then he wanted to see himself in the camera, he gets it and that’s a big deal. Celebrating my little boy’s victories. I know there will be many more to come. #Overjoyed #Tears #LightItUpBlue #AutismAwareness


Dear Son,

snaggle tooth100

Dear Son,
I find myself holding you a little tighter lately. I find myself watching you peacefully sleep. You don’t know all the madness going on in the world around you. But I will protect you from it as much as I can, and that will be until my death. The idea that I cannot protect you from all pain is indeed my greatest pain. I will be there when they attempt to criminalize you on the playground, in the classroom, in the boardroom. I will be there.
Love you with everything in me,
Your Mommie
#ThisBlackLifeMatters #MySnaggleToothedBaby #MyReason