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Not Ready…


I know I’m late in the day, but after the busiest day of my year so far, and not stopping since 4:45 a.m., I have not had a real moment to process this.

So I will assume I’m having a bad dream and it will be different in the morning. #ThatIsAll


Dear Natalie


Dear Natalie,

We’re gonna Miss You Like Crazy. You always kept Love on Our Minds with your melodic flows. When We Fell in Love with your spirit and song we knew that you would sing the soundtrack of our lives. As you depart from us This Will Be one of many moments that we will remember that you were the true definition of class, beauty, elegance and talent. You no longer are burdened by earthly woes, you are now and forever Inseparable from your Heavenly Father while being reunited with your earthly one. You, Natalie Cole will always be truly Unforgettable…

Tiffany Lane-Crane

Natalie Cole
February 6, 1950 – December 31, 2015