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Dear Son,

snaggle tooth100

Dear Son,
I find myself holding you a little tighter lately. I find myself watching you peacefully sleep. You don’t know all the madness going on in the world around you. But I will protect you from it as much as I can, and that will be until my death. The idea that I cannot protect you from all pain is indeed my greatest pain. I will be there when they attempt to criminalize you on the playground, in the classroom, in the boardroom. I will be there.
Love you with everything in me,
Your Mommie
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Happening Before My Eyes


Please join me in giving a very special Happy Birthday to my baby boy, Caleb. He has hit a monumental birthday. It is today that he crosses over from toddlerdum to childhood. Caleb is now 5 years old. I cant really wrap my full brain around this concept, but that day March 25, 2011, was in fact 5 years ago.

The years have gone by and I have become all the more in love with this joy bundle of mine. He is growing inch by inch, precept by precept, abounding, learning, reaching. My feelings for him can only be described as the true definition of love unconditionally.

Caleb, my reason. Happy Birthday Boogie!

{{VIDEO}} Miraculous and Mundane Moments | A RIDE ALONG

Check out days with Caleb and Mommie (a.k.a. TiffEpiph) as we navigate life with Special Needs, exploring the Miraculous and Mundane. (Special Needs make life interesting, especially.)